Sebastian Wernicke and the Perfect TED Talk

This is one of my personal favorite TED Talks. I have to laugh every time I watch it and I love the way Wernicke really makes (gentle) fun of TED Talks. The idea that you can construct the perfect presentation by mathematically combining the results of an analysis of all of the comments/ratings on the TED website is very clever and funny. I bet someone out of our course could do a similar parody of all of my presentation guidelines, after listening to me going on all semester about signposting and body language, etc. etc. etc.  His visuals are hilarious and really support his points. And the loveliest minor detail about this talk?: Of course Sebastian Wernicke is not a native speaker of English – and he is an excellent presenter. I especially admire his sense of timing.

And look – the statistics were updated:

One thought on “Sebastian Wernicke and the Perfect TED Talk

  1. hahahaha I just stumbled across this and it is brilliant, Marina! Though, I cannot agree with the new statistics that “Penguin” is a bad word; I watched one talk about Penguins and really enjoyed it. ;-)

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